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Introduction of High Purity Metal Health Germanium


Over the past 20 years, scholars around the world have proved that germanium is non-toxic and has the biological effects of inducing self-interferon, increasing NK cell activity, activating macrophages, promoting antibody production, anti-cancer and anti-aging. Germanium is an oxygen generator, an anticancer agent and a blood disinfectant, which can remove waste from the body, such as lipid peroxide. One of the causes of aging is the accumulation of waste in the body, which affects the operation of blood and the function of oxygen transfusion. Waste removal restored normal physiological functions, naturally quick thinking, flexible action. The functions of germanium can be summarized as follows: 1. Promoting the normalization of physiological functions. It has obvious antihypertensive effect on hypertensive patients, and will not make blood pressure lower than normal value. It can promote the recovery of various physiological or biochemical functions of the human body. 2. Treating tumors and promoting the production of anti-cancer factors. 3. Improve the immune function of the human body and prevent and cure various diseases. For the occurrence of heart disease, infertility, prevention of abortion of pregnant women, treatment of burns, hepatitis, cirrhosis and osteoporosis in the elderly and various difficult diseases have satisfactory magical effect.

Metal germanium can promote the blood circulation of the human body without any harm, can minimize people's physical fatigue, to alleviate cardiovascular disease has a good auxiliary treatment effect. Germanium has a very special magical function for human body. It is called the 21st century life-saving germanium by experts. It is the curse of human diseases. Germanium health care mechanism: use germanium metal semiconductor function to raise body temperature, thereby promoting blood circulation, reducing fatigue, eliminating swelling and pain, blood pressure adjustment, eliminating toxins in the body, resisting external radiation, preventing cancer, anti-aging, reducing fatigue, self-disciplined neurological disorders and other chronic diseases. The disorder of biological currents in vivo can be automatically regulated by human body temperature, which can be treated by current regulation in vitro. Quickly remove the symptoms of shoulder acid, low back pain, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, diarrhea, constipation and eye pain. Titanium-germanium health bracelets, which are popular in Japan and Southeast Asia, can be used with a small amount of energy (body temperature), which enables them to play a health role through contact with the human body.

Its effects on human body are as follows: 1. Activating biological current, promoting blood circulation, improving and preventing body discomfort 2. Massage hot spring bath effect of acupoints 3. Metabolism, immunity recovery and improving the body's natural healing power. Germanium is good for health. It can be summarized as follows:

Antiviral and bactericidal activities

Increase human immunity, anti-aging

Stimulating Leukocyte Growth

Regulating cholesterol and blood pressure

Scavenging free radicals, inducing Y-interferon

Enhancing phagocytosis of macrophages

Removal of endotoxins

Improvement of Autonomic Neurological Disorder

Promote activation of nerve cells and alleviate symptoms of physical discomfort

"Germanium" has nine functions:

· The role of pain relief

· Detoxification

· Enhancing the ability of natural healing

· Dehydrogenation

· Oxygen Supply (Replacement of Oxygen)

· Semiconductor Interaction and Anion Interaction

· Enhancing human immunity

· Induced interferon production

· Promotion of endorphin production

Three effects of germanium (Ge32)

· Production of negative (negative) ions

Neutralize positive (positive) ions, resist oxidation (aging), enhance immunity, strengthen metabolism, and activate the functions of human cells and organs.

· Instantaneous increase in body temperature

According to the research of Japanese scientists, after wearing Ti-Ge wrist rings, human body temperature can rise one degree after 15 minutes, which can activate blood circulation, smooth Qi and regulate normal body temperature. It has a good effect on improving vascular diseases and cold-frightened people.

· Acupoint finger pressure function

Research and clinical experiments have proved that germanium can relieve pressure and pain more than three times as much as magnet when it is used in acupoint finger pressure, so that the wearer can keep his spiritual state.

  Scientists point out that germanium is involved in human functions such as material metabolism, energy conversion, disease resistance, cardiovascular, nervous and reproductive functions. Germanium is abundant in traditional anti-aging Chinese medicines such as ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum and wolfberry. It is believed that the anti-aging and pharmacological effects of ginseng are related to the content of germanium. Since the 1970s, with the unceasing clarification of research results, organic germanium has emerged as a "new star shaking the world medical community". Since then, people no longer regard germanium as a pure semiconductor material. Germanium can resist viruses, inhibit and kill bacteria, enhance human immunity, stimulate white blood cells, regulate cholesterol, and contribute to human health and disease prevention.

Germanium is element 32 with atomic weight of 72.59. Germanium has long been used in many high-tech fields such as modern communication, computer, cosmic development, energy utilization and so on. Now it has been found that germanium has the ability to combine with hydrogen ions in the body and discharge in the form of urine or sweat, which enhances the supply of oxygen in the body and is conducive to accelerating metabolism and delaying cell senescence.

As early as a thousand years ago, there was a myth that Ganoderma lucidum could rise from the dead. In The Legend of White Snake, the white lady robbed Ganoderma lucidum for her husband Xu Xian in Kunlun Mountains and fed him Ganoderma lucidum soup. Xu Xian was revived. Now it is believed that the reason why Ganoderma lucidum is Ling Ganoderma lucidum may be related to its rich germanium. Germanium in the total human body is about 20 mg, daily intake of about 1.5 mg from food, but every day from urine 1.4 mg, excrement 0.1 mg, so in general is "balance of payments".

There are many physiological functions of germanium. Prolonging the life span of experimental animals is the most powerful anti-aging index. Experiments show that amino acid germanium oxide can prolong Drosophila melanogaster.

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